Smarter travel with electronic tickets

Smarter travel with electronic tickets

As soon as your child has a busID (see how to get one under our Discounts section), you can load tickets onto it online here or at 1 Stop Travel. It’s a little cheaper to buy tickets online, but please bear in mind that it can take 24 - 48 hours for an online ticket to activate, while at 1 Stop Travel it’s instant. Here are your options:

Online SAVER fares

citySAVER networkSAVER
1 day £2.25 £2.50
7 day £10.45 £10.95
pay monthly £32.50 £34
90 day £100 £103.50
12 months £317.50 £335

1 Stop Travel SAVER fares

citySAVER networkSAVER
1 day £2.45 £2.65
7 day £10.95 £11.95
90 day £102 £108
12 months £322.50 £345

M-ticket SAVER fares

citySAVER networkSAVER
24 hour £2.25 £2.50
7 day £10.45 £10.95
28 day £31 £32.50
90 day £100 £103.50

Please ensure you have your busID card with you to show the driver or ticket inspector when requested.

Flexible Multi Trip tickets

East Sussex | Flexible Multi Trip tickets

If your child will only be using the bus occasionally or you just want a more flexible option, then our citySAVER Multi Trip tickets are for you. You can buy single journeys in bulk and the more you buy, the more you save. What’s even handier is that Multi Trip tickets can be activated at any point within a year of purchase and are even valid on night buses.

10 single trips £11.75
20 single trips £22.50
30 single trips £30

SiblingSAVER discounts

If you have more than one child travelling to school, you can save money with a siblingSAVER. Basically, your first child is charged the normal price but their siblings can get discounts of up to £90 each per year. This offer applies to our 90 day and 12 month busID city or networkSAVERS.

Kent | Young Person’s Travel Pass

Save on cash fares with a busID

If your child is paying in cash, they can still show their free busID card to get discounts directly from the driver.

City Network


For any one-way journey, anytime, any day, when travelling with an adult. (Up to three busID holders can travel per adult).

50p 50p


For any one way journey at weekends, specified school holidays and after 6pm on schooldays when travelling alone.

£1 £1

Child fare

On schooldays up to 6pm when travelling alone.

½ adult fare ½ adult fare


£2.50 £4
Cash fares without a busID

Cash fares without a busID

Children up to the age of 13 are still entitled to discounts without a busID. Children aged 14-18 need a busID to get a discount. Simple.

Ages 0-4 Travel free with an adult (up to three infants can travel with each adult).
Ages 5-13 Travel at half the adult fare (singles, returns and discovery tickets only). SAVER tickets and all other fares are full price.
Ages 14-18 Pay the full adult fare.
Cash fares without a busID